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Rental owners - and people who believe that ownership brings with it fundamental rights - need to know where each party and candidate stands on key residential tenancy matters.


Some give their policies freely, others it needs to be extracted. Some are proud of their policies, others don't want their policies to be public knowledge and get very cranky when they see the light of day.


If you're a rental owner, the green sections are where your fair rights are protected. The red sections are where they are seeking to remove your fair right.


Overall, the Liberal party's position on owner's rights in private residential tenancies is the strongest, but, it was the Liberal party who brought in Tasmania's faulty moratorium.


Eager to gain Labor's position on the these matters. Labor did not support rent controls when the Greens brought it to Parliament recently.


Kristie Johnston's (independent candidate for Clark) position on owners' rights is disappointing, but not as disappointing as her unwillingness to be open and transparent about her rental policies. Kristie ignored multiple requests from our Association and now we know why. Kristie's policy is essentially the same as the Greens. In a highly unprofessional move, Kristie is continuing to ignore messages from voters who are enquiring about her rental policy. She has also resorted to deleting comments and is refusing to make her position on these important matters public. Kristie states that "right to know" is a priority for her on her website, but is failing to live by her own standards. Voters have a right to know this important information. We are left wondering, why is Kristie hiding her own policies? Shouldn't she be proud of them?


Sue Hickey (independent candidate for Clark) has offered a more balanced view, without going into specifics. Sue has importantly stated that the private rental market should be allowed to operate freely.


On Land Tax, Labor's policy offers the biggest savings if you own under $3 million of land, which is the vast majority of land tax accounts. The Liberal's policy has much less detail, with a maximum saving of $613 being applied to all land tax payers.



More to come.


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