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Selecting a tenant who will care and respect your property and who will meet their obligations under the tenancy agreement can be a stressful and risky process.  References from past landlords can also be very helpful in supporting tenants when they are looking for a new rental property.

Owners often want to do what they can to help tenants who have done the right thing by them. Providing a Tenant  Recommendation through their membership of our Association is one way they can assist. 

For these reasons, our Association offers its members the ability to access a Tenant Recommendation for their current or recent past tenants.

Association members can seek a Tenant Recommendation by completing the below form. Recommendation documents will be emailed to the rental owner once prepared. ​


Recommendations are only provided if the answers to all questions shown below are 'YES'.


Prospective landlords can check the validity of a reference by contacting the Association. 

tenant recommendation.png
Tenant Recommendation Request
Has the Tenant given their permission for this document to contain their name and contact details?

Did the tenant pay the rent in accordance with the tenancy agreement?

Did the tenant keep the property, including exterior areas, in a reasonable state of cleanliness during the tenancy?

Did the tenant return the property, including exterior areas, in the same condition it was first provided to them, excluding fair wear and tear?

Did the tenant comply with all conditions, including those related to the keeping of pets, smoking, the repair of management of any damage caused by the tenant and the reporting of maintenance issues?

Was (or are you expecting) the security deposit (if held) returned to the tenant in full?

Would you offer a rental property that you own to this tenant again in the future?

Is the response YES to ALL of the above questions?

Thanks for submitting!

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