• The Tasmanian Residential Rental Property Owners Association (TRRPO) understands the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information and is committed to ensuring that the information is obtained is managed appropriately and in accordance with relevant legislation.

  • The TRRPO requests and retains limited personal information associated with the membership process and the status of being a member of the Association. The information retained typically includes an individual’s name, postal address, rental property address, phone number, and email address.

  • Information or documentation obtained by the Association for the purposes of verifying an individual’s eligibility for membership will be destroyed after eligibility has been assessed.

  • The TRRPO may also provide members, potential members, and the landlord community more broadly with the opportunity to voluntarily provide the Association with information (some of which may be personal or sensitive) for research purposes. Information obtained for research purposes will not be shared in a way an individual can be reasonably identified unless explicit approval to do so has been provided by the information owner.

  • The TRRPO treats personal information as confidential and does not disclose personally identifying information to a third party, unless required to by law or unless the information owner has provided their explicit consent for the information to be released.

  • Association members may at any time request, via the President or another Association Officer, a copy of their personal information held by the Association.

  • Association members may at any time request, via the President or another Association Officer, the correction or destruction of their personal information.

  • A member’s personal information will be destroyed upon a member ceasing to be a member of the Association.

  • Personal information is kept securely and access to personal information held by the Association is limited only to Association Officers to be used only for the purposes of operating the Association and providing its services.