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Never before has the risk to Tasmanian rental owners been so great. It is critical that landlords select the best possible tenants that will care and respect the property and honour their obligations under the tenancy act.


There are plenty of fabulous tenants out there - let's make sure your next one is one of those. 


Among our greatest fears is a tenant failing to pay their rent or worse yet, damaging your property.


The fact is, delinquent tenants like these exist and cost landlords millions of dollars each year. TICA was created for this sole purpose. To empower owners and agents by providing rental history information about your prospective tenants.


A lot like credit checks when applying for a loan or credit card, TICA provides tenancy history checks when tenancy applicants apply for rental properties. TICA has over 7,000 members Australia wide who depend on the information we hold on tenants to assist them.

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