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There's a lot to know when it comes to being a rental owner. Being informed about the rules that apply to residential tenancies is critical to ensuring you are following the rules.

Our Association has developed two online learning modules, with more in development. This has only been possible thanks to government funding, recognising the value in preventing residential tenancy issues, keeping people in homes and promoting harmonious landlord-tenant relationships by supporting and educating owners. 

The first module is the Introduction to Rental Ownership. This module is highly recommended for anyone considering rental ownership and those who already own residential rental property.

After completing the Introduction course, the Managing your Rental Property course delves deeper into managing residential tenancies and is recommended for all owners who manage their rental property themselves or are considering doing so.

Complete the foundation Introduction to Rental Ownership course course first. Allow 30 minutes. 

Next, complete the Managing your Rental Property course. 
Allow 60 minutes.


Are you a member? Members of our Association have access to tools, resources and expertise to support rental owners. We also advocate for fair rights for owners and help ensure landlords are consulted, heard and treated fairly. At only $50 per annum, it's a very worthwhile investment. 

Join today.

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