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Quick wins for rental crisis

Our Association has written to several non-government organisations, including Colony47, Shelter Tas and TasCOSS, asking for their support on actions that are a win-win for rental owners and tenants.

In the letter we highlight that the widespread and significant uncertainty being felt by landlords is worsening the rental crisis as houses are being removed from the rental market. By addressing this uncertainty, we can stem the flow of rental properties being sold to cashed up tree-changers at premium prices and reduce the number which are simply taken off the rental market as the risk is too great.

As the Minister for Building and Construction, Minister Elise Archer, reminded landlords that they need to "manage their risk"that is what they are doing, with bad consequences for the thousands of Tasmanians who cannot afford to buy.

But, there are some quick wins available. And, in a time like this, we cannot let those slip through our hands. To maximise the number of properties available for rent the Government should:

- clear all rent debt owed by tenants and

- develop, in consultation with stakeholders, a comprehensive plan for how private residential tenancies will be managed in future emergency situations.

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