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The Tasmanian Government's Land Tax hypocrisy and broken promises

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Land tax is a hot topic. As it should be. When you have State Government that removes the ability for rental owners to be paid in accordance with the lease agreement, and that Government then goes and issues massive land tax bills - up to 47% higher than the previous year - there is bound to be a reaction.

The hypocrisy is painful. The Tasmanian Government gave tenants universal and unconditional access to a seven month deferment of the need to pay rent. And will soon be extending this further when legislation passes in Parliament that will give tenants the ability to access a repayment plan. Ultimately, many tenants will have a year or longer to pay their rent - no application, no questions asked, no penalty. The Government also decided to freeze rents.

On the flip side, land tax bills have exploded and rental owners must formally apply for a hardship arrangement and are penalised for taking this up, with a hefty 8.10 per cent interest p.a. A good return for the Government!

Let's not forget that we a talking about a tax that, back in 2009, the Liberal's committed to abolishing by 2020. These promises are well documented. And with only two months left of the year, are super-fast-track plans in place to deliver on this promise?



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